Andre Hagemeier IBM Deutschland

André Hagemeier

Lead Architect of IBM Connections, IBM Deutschland GmbH

Andre Hagemeier is the Lead Architect of IBM Connections. He focusses on the strategic direction of the product, the adoption of new technologies and consistent design and implementation patterns across all teams. His focus is on middleware design and implementation, messaging, service communication and architecture design. Moreover, he is advising the Connections development teams on how to utilise and adapt new technologies such as NoSQL databases, PubSub, GraphQL and the MEAN stack.

Before his role as Lead Developer, he worked as a Senior IT Specialist for WebSphere Portal and Connections. He is the developer of IBM Connections Crowdsourcing and has also been working with Portal for 6 years delivering many successful customer portal implementations and migrations. His specialty lies in the extensive customization of Portal behavior to suit the clients’ needs. In addition, he has deep knowledge of the underlying application server architecture and functioning and the Java runtime itself. Besides his Java development, Andre has been one of the core developers of the deployment and middleware automation asset IBM Autodeploy for WebSphere Portal.