Ellen Feaheny appfusions

Ellen Feaheny

CEO and co-founder of AppFusions

Ellen Feaheny is CEO and co-founder of AppFusions, a packaged integration experiences company since 2010. Together with her team, AppFusions were pioneers in their industry to remove the “black magic” in app-to-app integrations. Through years of PM/field driven requirements, they’ve built dozens of deep end-to-end integration solutions, each with its own roadmap so they can be used by as many corporations as possible (vs. one corp-at-a-time). AppFusions’ AppSpokes integrations were inspired by the mobile phone apps model – where we rarely question how an app works with a backend service; we just assume it works, and fast. Applying this thinking to Enterprise integrations with 10s of 1000s of end-users is a bit trickier, but with time, persistence, and perseverance, their solutions are proof of the value and utility of their model. AppFusions has over 20 deep integration applications for both IBM Connections and ICEC (cloud or on-premise) and until they hit 100, well, they will still just be getting started! Their passion for dramatically mitigating the integrated digital workplace “problem” – on a large scale – is unstoppable.